Vintage Lifestyle Cartoons 1921-1961

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Tactful Answers to Gardening Correspondents.  Colonel - We are very glad to hear of your satisfaction with the lady gardener you engaged through our columns. We were careful to select a specialist, feeling that a plainer type of gardener would not suit you so well. Fed-Up - We suspect that you are correct in your surmise concerning the partial clearance of the strawberry -bed in your absebce. It probably was those birds.  Head Gardener - No doubt it was a great disappointment to you to find that your favourite show blossom had been picked, and in the circumstances it is quite intelligible that you should be looking out for another situation. Garden Lover - We are always pleased to answer any query from our readers. From your descirption your garden is too exposed. Let your hedge grow another four feet and you will have all the protection you require.