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1940. "When this confounded black-out is ended I'm going to tear down every blind and curtain in the house and make a bonfire in the middle of the road." 1941. "When this accursed black-out is over I'm going up on the roof and I'm going to let off all the fireworks and flares and fog-signals that money can buy." 1942. "When this filthy black-out finishes I'm going straight round to the Wardens' Post, and I'm going to set fire to it and dance round the flames all night." 1943. "When this horrible black-out is lifted I'm going to get up a torch-light procession up and down the High Street, and I'm going to roast a fireguard whole in front of the Town Hall." 1944. "When this foul black-out finally goes I'm going to open every window and turn on every light, and I'm going to go round to every house in the Square and ring the bell and shout' Put that light on!'" 1945. "Yes, it's really very nice to see the end of the black-out."