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Cricket Can Never be Dull. Well, anyway, I don't see how cricket can ever be dull to the player. I grant you that out of every ten hours of play you spend on an average (correct me if I'm wrong) - Two hours and fifty minutes on luncheon and tea intervals and such - Three hours waiting in the pavilion, doing nothing - And twenty minutes waiting at the bowler's end and between overs, doing very little - Also two-and-a-quarter hours waiting in the field, just waiting - And if, it comes to that, fifty minutes crossing over between the overs - But, all the same, you are actually batting on an average for fifteen minutes, and perhaps actually making scoring strokes for a whole minute-and-a-half - You are actually in process of fielding a ball for no fewer than fourteen minutes - You are actually on to bowl for no fewer than sixteen minutes - And, possibly, for a glorious seven seconds you're actually taking a wicket! Now suppose you play some silly soft-ball game like tennis for ten hours instead. Well, the thing's ridiculous, because - You can't possibly go on playing tennis for ten hours solid!