Cartoons from Punch magazine by Holte (Trevor Holder)

“I think it’s time we were off, Mavis.”

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Punch Punch Magazine black & white black and white B&W B/W cartoons 1980s 1982 Eighties English British French France travel travellers travelers travelling traveling tourists tourism destinations Europe Europeans foreign holidays holidays vacations English abroad European holidays abroad foreigners The Continent continentals flags Union Jacks Entente Cordiale French-British relations Anglo-French relations British-French relations national flags couples husbands wife wives motoring holidays driving holidays touring cafes cafe bars restaurants locals hostile hostility tormenting tormentors bullies bullying bully prodding bread hostile locals natives interlopers breads French bread French cafes berets unpleasantness Mavis French sticks baguettes food refreshments checked tablecloths interiors catering industry hospitality industry customers patrons visitors menace menacing UK United Kingdom Britain Great Britain England poking grinning customer care client care customer focus client focus Management Skills and Competences threatened threatening behaviours poked men man woman women Frenchman Frenchmen Englishman abroad Englishmen abroad Englishman Englishmen grins Englishwoman Englishwomen Englishwoman abroad Englishwomen abroad stereotypes national stereotypes foods holidays abroad holidaymakers national identities national identity national characteristics European identities European identity cultural differences culture clashes cultural identity cultural identities 20th century twentieth century
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Holte Cartoons (Trevor Holder)
“I think it’s time we were off, Mavis.”